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As we alluded to, the issue is that scaling live chat can be difficult. Often, there’s still an actual person on the other side of the screen, answering visitor queries. With website growth comes a greater number of chats to deal with. If you depend on live chat as a source of leads and sales, this means you might need to employ several people just to keep up with conversations.

chatbot wordpress

Leveraging chatbots to your WordPress website, can be used to survey the user experience with a purchased product or service matching to their needs & expectations. Chatbots process input from their users – statements, questions, and so on – and reply with the most relevant answer they have access to. Some chatbots are entirely pre-programmed, set up with lists of responses they can give and the words or phrases that will trigger each one. AI chatbots for WordPress help businesses to promote their products or services with targeted messaging to boost customer engagement and increase brand visibility. Yes, the 10 best WordPress chatbot plugins for 2023 are designed to be compatible with any WordPress website.

Embedding Options – Widgets, Bot on Page, Click to Chat

Such as onsite retargeting which displays special deals and coupons on exit intent, time intervals, or page scroll down. WPBot SaaS is an easy-to-use that allows you to quickly add an AI chatbot to your WordPress website. This allows you to own and manage your chatbot from the WordPress dashboard. All you need to do is install and activate to get a floating chatbot on your site. Moreover, there’s no best way to engage visitors and collect their contact info.

  • To do it, there are various WordPress chatbot plugins available on the plugin store.
  • While selecting a chatbot plugin for your website, there are various factors to consider.
  • It can be integrated into many popular platforms, including Facebook, WordPress, and Slack, and its AI engine can answer customer queries as well as collect customer feedback and data.
  • This WordPress bot also lets you use the customer’s account data, like their name, in the chatbot dialog for better personalization.
  • Browse our extensive collection of compatible plugins, and easily embed them on any website, blog, online store, e-commerce platform, or site builder.
  • The interface of the chatbot itself is a lot more stylish than most other options, thanks to custom animations and styles.

Customers are looking for the next amazing technology that will make their lives easier. They wish to communicate with businesses in a more efficient manner. They don’t want to make a phone call anymore metadialog.com to ask for assistance. Filling out a form and waiting for a phone call is not what they want to do either. Customers expect personalized experiences at each stage of the journey with a brand.

Activate the plugin

In addition to that, the availability of free Android and iOS mobile applications make the workflow dynamic for those who need that flexibility. In addition to the simple and powerful chatbot builder, Chaport provides a live chat solution. The WYSIWYG scenario builder is one of its primary advantages, allowing you to construct chatbots in only a few minutes.

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Personalization acts as a catalyst that transforms a prospect into a customer and then compels him to be a returning customer. Irrespective of the comprehensive tutorials or content guides you provide, they will still show some reluctance to find the information on their own. By understanding the factors that drive customer behavior, companies can better anticipate and resolve customer complaints, prevent fraud, and optimize their operations.

Live Chat by Formilla

You can deploy chatbots in a short time frame, train the bots and measure their performance much quicker compared to a custom solution. The WordPress chatbot notifications and the on-site retargeting feature can be used to get users to focus on a product or service that you offer. Furthermore, it leads to boost customer satisfaction, collecting user data, easy scalability without extra costs, and improves the ability to engage users. Cliengo also features a simple setup process and has an intuitive user interface that makes installing a chatbot in your WordPress website without any coding or technical knowledge. With Cliengo’s powerful features, you can create automated flows to help you better engage with your customers and answer their queries quickly.

  • In such cases, it passes the conversation control to a human agent.
  • Users can customize the appearance of their widget, but at this time, can’t customize language or dialog flow.
  • With both approaches, it’s your job to ‘train’ the chatbot, even with services that take coding out of the equation.
  • Freely customize the conversation scenario, so it’s suited to your business needs.
  • Both for the visitors/customers of your website, as well as for you and your agents.
  • PNG and GIF formats are support, so feel free to go wild and choose an avatar that best represents your brand.

Since most of the plugins come with a free version, you also have the option to experiment and try out several plugins until you find the one that answers your needs best. The type of chatbot that will suit you depends on the type of website you are running. In case you are running a WooCommerce store, the Shopping Chatbot will be the most straightforward solution.


This plugin provides all the necessary features to create a successful chatbot, including user authentication, message storage, and more. Both of these plugins are available free of charge on the Integrative website. There’s nothing quite like getting a new chatbot up and running, is there? Customizable templates make creating a bot that truly “fits your brand” easy and quick.

  • This is where the Acobot AI Chatbot WordPress plugin comes into play.
  • Managing chats is simple as it takes place in a single, intuitive admin panel which gives you a neat overview of all the chat activities.
  • Nowadays it is becoming more popular and appears on almost every site.
  • Immediacy and interaction are one of the features that users are looking for when browsing websites.
  • From live chat to full-page bots, this tutorial will show you how to embed your bot on your Webflow website.
  • With this Zoho plugin, you will be aware of your visits to the web.

This chatbot WordPress plugin is by Collect.chat which is the simplest way to add chat widgets on your website. Moreover, its chatbots specifically do all the routine work for you. It automatically collects visitors’ contacts and other data gets their consent and supercharges your marketing efforts. Apart from that, it comes with a full package of options to customize your chat widgets.

Make it easy for your visitors to voice their queries

The size of the window can also configured based on the content you want to display in the window. The Assistant Details and Service Credentials need to be defined. You will need to Specify the Assistant URL, username and password for your Watson Assistant within the plugin.


This WordPress Chatbot plugin also includes access to IBM’s cloud-based services, which allows chatbots to scale and integrate with other business applications. BotStar provides a powerful platform for businesses to create personalized and automated chatbot experiences for their customers. This standalone plugin, equipped with a conversational flow editor and AI-powered analytics, helps businesses in creating custom experiences for their customers. The BotStar plugin makes it incredibly easy and convenient for businesses to manage their chatbot experience. FlowXO is an AI-powered plugin that lets you add natural language processing and smooth conversations to your website. This Gorgias alternative helps create automated, AI-powered experiences with a user-friendly drag-and-drop bot builder.